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Get access

Access to COO SAS HPC systems is available via Calls for proposals in 2 modes:

  • Testing access: The call is continually open for testing, benchmarking and development projects. The time from application to granting access is up to 1 week.

  • Standard project access: The call has regular cut-offs, follow the and web for more information.

  • Director’s discretion: In special cases access may be granted by internal Access committee. Contact us at The conditions and rules for these calls can be found in Access policy document here.

Who can get access?

HPC resources of COO SAS and NSCC are accessible for strictly non-commercial, open R&D purposes. Testing and Standard project access calls are open to academia, industry, and the public sector, under specific conditions. Please, read carefully the Access policy as well as Terms of reference for each Call.

How to apply?

The whole process from registration to users actually being able to run computational tasks on our systems is quite simple:

  1. Start with registration: Create your account on the user’s portal by filling in the registration form. Our team will contact you to verify your identity. Afterwards you will recieve a one-time link to set up your account password.
  2. Upload your SSH key: Once you have access to the portal, you can upload your SSH keys. Wait until you recieve email notification about your key being activated. Now you can log onto the HPC system via SSH client, but you won’t be able to run any computational tasks. You can also skip the uploading of your SSH key and acess the resources through Open OnDemand portal.
  3. Create your project or join an existing one: In the portal section My projects you can select which type of access you wish to apply for. Fill in and submit the form. You will be able to edit your project team members for the duration of the project. Testing projects are approved or rejected within 5 working days. The Standard project access call has regular cut-offs and are subject to peer-review evaluation that may take up to 3 weeks. All applicants will be contacted via email with further instructions. To join an existing project, you need to be added as a team member by the author of the project.
  4. Run your calculations: Once you’ve been awarded the allocation, you can run your computational tasks. Please, consult this webpage or our team if you have any questions or issues.
Created by: Marek Štekláč